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Wedding Accessories

Crisp mornings. Swishing leaves. Glittery sunsets. Fall is on its way here and with it one of the most romantic (and popular) times of year to tie the knot. Infuse the warmth of fall into your wedding-day ensemble with these gold-tinged accents!

By Moonlight Rosette Heels

Photo: shopruche.com

By Moonlight Rosette Heels


Ann Taylor Glitter Clutch

Photo: anntaylor.com

Ann Taylor Classic Glitter Clutch




Badgley Mischka

Photo: bhldn.com

Badgley Mischka Carrick Bend Sash





Tasha Head Wrap

Photo: Nordstrom.com

Tasha Glamorous Leaves Headwrap





Photo: BHLDN.com

BHLDN Oria Earrings





Photo: Sephora.com

STILA Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow in Comex Gold with Stay All Day® Liquid Eye Primer



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Destination Weddings: A Few Considerations

The Venue

Destination Wedding Couple

Thinking of going outside the box—and maybe even outside the country—for your wedding? You’re not alone. Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular amongst couples today. Part celebration, part vacation, they can be a great way to fulfill your wildest wedding fantasies and bring your friends and family together for a truly unique and intimate experience.
Whether your destination affair is 400 or 4000 miles away, it is important to stay organized and provide your guests with as much information as possible. Here are a few tips to help you plan a hassle-free destination event:

Be Realistic
Destination weddings often require guests to take time off from work and spend larger amounts of money than they normally might spend at a local wedding. If you are planning on having an out-of-town celebration, it’s important to understand—and even expect—that not everyone on your guest list will be able to make it. Financial, medical, and family situations often prevent guests from being able to make the trip to a destination wedding.
It’s also important to expect to spend some money helping guests get to your wedding. If you know that your maid of honor or future in-laws may have trouble swinging the cost, you should consider reserving a portion of your budget for their airfare or accommodations.

Make it Easy
It’s important to realize that not all of your guests may be seasoned travelers, and as a courtesy to them it’s a good idea to make transportation and accommodations options readily available to them.
If your venue has on-site accommodations, consider reserving a block of hotel rooms for your guests. If on-site accommodations aren’t an option, try blocking off rooms at a hotel as close as possible to your venue. Most hotels offer group discounts.
If your guests are staying off-site, it’s a good idea to provide transportation to and from the venue the day of the wedding. This way, your guests won’t have to worry about finding their way around an unfamiliar area and can fully enjoy your reception. Many transportation companies rent large limos, vans, and even buses.

Get Organized
Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind when planning your destination wedding is organization. You don’t want to be fielding phone calls from guests who don’t know how to get to your wedding when you’re busy planning, so it’s a good idea to create a wedding website containing as much detailed information as possible. Some items to include are:

  • How to get there
  • Where to stay
  • Pricing (airfare, hotel, rental cars, etc.)
  • Documents to bring
  • Information about the location, including weather conditions, safety, and local activities/restaurants.

Be sure to talk with your venue about putting together vacation package options for guests, or think about hiring a travel agent to help your guests book airfare and ground transportation.

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Featured Vendor, August 2013: Aunty Ellen’s Creative Confections

The Cake

unty Ellen's

Aunty Ellen’s Creative Confections was established in 2003, but sole owner, creator, baker, and cake decorator Ellen Fay has spent more than two decades perfecting her craft. “I’ve personally been doing wedding cakes since 1987, having started out of my home,” says Fay. “When I look back on those days, I’m amazed that I made it happen. I’ve come so far since my first wedding cake, which took over five days to complete; from baking, filling it with fresh strawberries, frosting it, assembling it and decorating it for 500 people.”

Aunty Ellen Pink Cake

Fay started Aunty Ellen’s in 2003 in a 450 square-foot building working alone, doing wedding cakes and all occasion cakes, which over time grew to include cookies, brownies, and more. “I was having a tough time with such a small space, working alone, and keeping up with all my orders,” says Fay. In 2007, Fay moved her business into a 950 square-foot building, where she opened her first retail bakery. “I started with two employees, growing that to four, not including myself. We still specialized in wedding cakes and all occasion cakes, but we also offered cookies, cupcakes, brownies, cannolis, bundt cakes, cheesecakes, whoopie pies, and more.” Business continued to boom, and soon Fay found herself looking for yet another location. “I knew we needed to expand sooner rather than later. We had just outgrown this space and were working on top of each other with NO storage.”

In September of 2012 Fay moved (for the last time) into a 4,000 square-foot building with eight employees. “My new location is AMAZING,” says Fay. “I have plenty of room to grow if needed. When you walk in, the décor makes you feel as though you are in Bermuda. We still offer all the same items, just on a larger scale. We have won over a dozen awards for best bakery and best dessert. I have an amazing staff and I would not be where I am today without them.”

Aunty Ellen's Shop
Aunty Ellen’s Creative Confections
16 Central Street, Leominster, MA
(978) 537-5675

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Get Married in Color!

The Rings


The vast majority of brides decide to wear white on their wedding day. Blending in with the white dress has been the diamond ring, usually encrusted with the colorless diamond. However, the times they are a changin’. How about adding a little color to your big day ensemble? Try adding a touch of color (and a ton of class) with a natural fancy-color diamond engagement or wedding ring.

Fancy Color Diamonds

Did you know that colored diamonds are actually rarer than their colorless counterparts? How much rarer, you ask? Try 10,000 times.

Available in pink, red, blue, violet, purple, green, orange, yellow, gray, chameleon, champagne, gray, black, and white, every stone is unique and every color comes in nine intensity levels. With over 90 hues to choose from, the selection is virtually infinite. Even more, each colored diamond comes in a primary color, but may also have a secondary, or even a third color.

Given their rarity, colored diamonds are, as a rule, priced more highly than colorless diamonds, with a loose pink diamond being the most sought after of stones, closely followed by yellow diamonds. Other rare colors include red, blue, violet, purple, and green.

The Celeb Factor

Fancy color diamonds have been getting a lot of exposure as of late thanks to celebrities who have taken a liking to these magnificent gems. When Jennifer Lopez married Marc Anthony, she was wearing a $4 million, 14-carat solitaire blue diamond ring. Kate Hudson wore a $200,000, 9-carat emerald-cut blue diamond engagement ring from her now husband, Matthew Bellamy. And Mariah Carey’s 17-carat, emerald-cut, pink-center diamond surrounded by 58 pink diamonds and two half-moon diamonds cost fiancé Nick Cannon $2.5 million. The list goes on, but the fact is that colored diamond engagement rings are red-hot among the celeb set.

Accessible to Everyone

Don’t let the price tags of these famous rings scare you; there are different colors, sizes, and intensities of colored diamonds that are well within the budget of most mortals.

Pink Diamond Ring

Guest post by Leibish & Co. Diamonds, fancydiamonds.net.


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