10 Tips for Choosing Food For Your Big Day

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Selecting what your guests are going to eat at your wedding can be one of the most fun (and also most stressful) parts of wedding planning. Check out these ten tips to help you choose the food for your big day, and give your guests a meal to remember.

1. Decide if you would like a sit-down dinner or buffet. Are you looking for a more relaxed atmosphere to your reception, or is a more formal, plated dinner more your thing? Buffets provide your guests with the opportunity to mingle, have more control over what their eating, and sample a little bit of everything. A plated meal will give your reception a more formal feel to it, and you won’t have to worry about Aunt Betty dropping the gravy spoon in the butter. Also be sure to view the pricing options with your catering company. Buffet style dinners tend to be more cost efficient, and can sometimes offer more “bang for your buck”.

2. Consider your guests dietary restrictions and preferences. Have a cousin that’s allergic to nuts? A friend who’s vegan? You’ll want to be sure you have something for these guests to eat. Discuss any special restrictions with your catering company, and be sure to have at least one option that everyone can enjoy.

3. Offer the more expensive indulgences in smaller portions. If you’re looking to cut costs, offering beef or seafood as an appetizer rather than an entree is a great way to save.

4. Stick with your favorites, since it’s YOUR day! Your wedding is unique and special to you, so don’t order foods that you hate. Do still keep others in mind when choosing, however. If sushi is high on the list, consider serving it as an appetizer rather than the main course. You may jump up and down for spicy tuna rolls, but grandma may not share the same enthusiasm.

5. Keep in mind the time of day that you’re having your reception. It wouldn’t make much sense to have a dessert reception during lunchtime, or tea sandwiches for dinner. Also consider the theme of your wedding. Black tie? Don’t serve ribs. Going rustic? Steer clear of the formal dining options. Beach wedding? Think seafood and cool refreshments.

6. Go for a tasting. Now matter how reputable a company may be, their newest signature dish may be nothing to write home about. Take the time to make the appointment and sample dishes that your thinking about serving to your guests. No one wants guests to remember their big day as “the night we had the bad chicken”.

7. Visualize how the different courses will flow, and how the flavors will work with each other. Avoid serving an appetizer that will be so overpowering no one will be able to taste the foods that follow.

8. If you’re offering signature cocktails, think about how they’ll pair with your food offerings as well as your theme. Mai tai’s may not work well with a southern inspired menu, just as pumpkin pie martinis may be too heavy for an August clambake.

9. Explore your dessert options. Don’t like cake? Don’t serve it! A variety of alternatives are available (and trendy) these days to wrap up your wedding day meal. Think pie, cake pops, pastries, apple crisp, and ice cream.

10. Do something unique. I once attended a fall wedding that served hot apple cider donuts on the dance floor right before the night ended. I’ve seen chocolate fountains being used as centerpieces as well as dessert. A little wow can go a long way, and will add a fun element of surprise to the night.

Above all, remember to relax, have fun, and enjoy planning one of the happiest parties of your life.
Bon Appétit!!

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20 Ways to Save on Your Wedding

Wedding Day Preparations


You have worked out a preliminary guest list and are taking a hard look at your available funds. But are the numbers crunching the way you would like them to? Don’t worry… a terrific wedding can be had, even on a budget.


1. Track your expenses regularly to see how the numbers work with your budget. That way you will know if costs are getting out of control.

2. Plan far in advance.Time, as they say, is money. So the more time you have, the more money you can save.

3. Get married in the “off season.” Popular times of year are often more expensive than others. Look to the months of winter and early spring for available dates and discounted pricing.

4. Get married during the week.This is a great option for a small, intimate reception. For example, a Thursday night will likely be more available than a Friday or Saturday — and may offer better rates.

5. Look to your own backyard (or someone else’s). Whether it is for a ceremony and/or reception, you know the owner so there will not be any rental fees!

6. Cut the list.This is probably the toughest action to take, but reducing your head count is a sure-fire way to save big.

7. Ask your reception facility or caterer where you can trim costs. Options such as a beer/wine-only bar or fewer hors d’oeuvres and desserts can yield significant savings.

8. Ask your baker about making a smaller cake to display at the reception and sheet cakes to be cut and served.

9. Ask your photographer and videographer about decreasing the amount of coverage. Important things like the ceremony and formal photos can be covered by the pros; you can leave the reception shots to your friends and family.

10. Share your ceremony flowers with another couple marrying the same day in your house of worship.

11. Look into using potted plants or dish gardens as centerpieces. They may end up being less expensive that cut flower arrangements.

12. Costs of live bands can rise due to the number of musicians. Look to bands that can vary the size of their ensemble.

13. If you are using a DJ and all you want is music, ask about eliminating the extras such as laser lighting and/or smoke machines, and inquire about limited emcee duties.

14. Simplicity is key. Consider doing without little details such as napkins with your names and wedding date, which can be costly when added to the other small details.

Bridal attire

15. Borrow a dress.Whether it is your mother’s altered to suit you or a friend’s gown that is just your size, working with an already worn gown can make a substantial impact to your budget.

16. Buy a sample dress, and visit consignment stores. Many bridal salons will sell, at discounted prices, the samples they have used in the store. Consignment stores also offer samples, worn gowns, and unworn gowns new with tags. Check out this great article on local bridal consignment boutiques.

17. Check out bridesmaid dresses. Available in a variety of colors—including

white and ivory—this option will cost considerably less and will likely be delivered in a shorter time frame.


18. Keep postage costs down by limiting the number of inserts and using a lightweight invitation paper. Directions can be provided through your wedding website.

19. Bargain shop for favors. Buy in bulk wherever possible to save on the per unit costs.

20. Get help from talented family and friends who are crafty, artistic, musical, etc. It will make your wedding day more personal and fun and save you a few bucks!

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The iPhone Bride & Groom

Wedding Day Preparations

I recently attended a beautiful wedding in Connecticut where the Groom was documenting every moment of their evening with his iPhone. He was literally snapping shots of his bride walking down the aisle and posting them to Facebook before the vows were exchanged. Sure they had photojournalists there taking professional shots, but this groom was capturing personal and candid moments from his own perspective, and updating all of his social media accounts in real time. 47 Facebook posts and 23 Tweets later, the relentless Groom’s trusty iPhone ran out of juice and left him high and dry just as people started filling up the dance floor.

I was reminded of this poor, disappointed groom when I tried out the Mophie juice pack for my iPhone. It acts as a hard case for your phone, but virtually extends your battery life by double. That’s double the hours of photo snapping, video taking, Facebooking, and Tweeting. Smart Battery Technology is even smart enough to tell your phone to drain the Juice Pack before your iPhone battery. It’s the perfect accessory for your shower, bachelorette party, wedding day, and even honeymoon. Check it out at http://www.mophie.com.



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Getting Your Skin Ready For The Wedding

Wedding Day Preparations

The big day is right around the corner, and you’re praying that you’re skin behaves. The last thing any bride wants to deal with on their wedding day is broken out skin. With your stress levels through the roof from all the planning and excitement, you’re sure to have some sort of skin dilemma to deal with.  Well fear not! With just a few easy steps, you can prevent wedding day breakouts and have your skin looking it’s best for the big nuptials.

One of the most important things to keep in mind before your wedding day is diet. Not only do you need to fit into that beautiful gown of yours, but what you eat and drink also plays a major role in how your skin will behave. You’ve heard it a million times, but we’ll say it again: make sure to drink your water! Drink at least your 60 ounces everyday to stay hydrated and keep your skin from drying out. Eat lots of fresh, raw fruits and veggies, and stay away from processed, greasy foods. Wedding jitters may have you stressing, but try to avoid over-consuming alcohol as well. Hangovers and nights of “one too many” make your liver work overtime, taking energy away from keeping you beautiful. It can also lead to dehydration and breakouts, so try to stick to one or two cocktails rather over-indulging.

Cures by AvanceHow you treat your skin also plays a major role in how it will behave for you. Our friends over at Cures by Avance provide brides-to-be with a fabulous line of preventative skincare products.  Cures is a curative and corrective line that treats skin conditions rather than skin types, helping you extend that engagement glow well beyond your honeymoon. The recommended routine starts with their Gentle Cleansing Milk, followed by Pore Balance Moisturizer, and finished up with Age Defyer Eye Creme.  They also make a cooling Anti-Acne Mask, which is recommended to be used once a week to purify skin. We tried some of the products ourselves, and we  loved the results; soft, purified skin without any greasy residue or clogged pores. You can find yours at www.curesbyavance.com or on Amazon.com.


All brides need some pampering amidst all the busy planning and preparing, and a facial should be number on on your list. A professional facial not only gives you the chance to relax and be catered to, but it also cleanses your skin and stimulates blood flow crucial for healing. You should make sure to schedule your facial no more than 3-4 weeks before your wedding day to give your skin time to properly cleanse and heal.  Find a list of local salons right here to book your treatment.

The last and most important step of your bridal beauty regimen is lots and lots of rest. Easier said than done, but get your winks in ladies! Well rested means less puffy, less breakouts, and more time for your body to do it’s job and make you look your best. Not only will your skin be camera-ready, but you’ll be feeling less stressed and ready to walk down the aisle with confidence.

Best wishes!




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