Wedding Day Preparations

Fashion, function, and fun, three words every woman loves to hear. Rebecca Turley took these three words into consideration when creating the patent pending product, BeBibs. The company was launched in September 2015 with the ideal focus of bringing a product to a diverse demographic of women to help make their lives run with a little more ease.

Rebecca’s vision to provide people with a better start to their day took the traditional unflattering bib to another level. Designed with fashion and fun in mind Rebecca uses materials that are lightweight, attractive and uplifting making BeBibs a functional solution that is fun to wear.

In addition to protecting your clothing, BeBibs also provide inspiration as you begin your day.

“We all know that the first words and thoughts of the morning can have a profound impact on how our day unfolds. BeBibs are a great way to start your day on the right foot with clean clothes and a positive intention.”


BeBibs is a fashionable, functional and most importantly, fun, neck piece for women of all ages to use while getting ready in the morning, applying makeup, eating dinner on your wedding day, and more. The purpose of the garment is to simply protect yourself from all the spills we make on a daily basis. In order to please the masses, Rebecca and her team at BeBibs have created a universal product with interchangeable bibs, available in 30 different prints, colors, and styles.  

The Be Bibs team has found their product to be useful for many occasions. Whether you have a young dancer who can’t get makeup on her costume, a bride to be, or a new mother, BeBibs provides a wide range of uses for a variety of girls and women.

BeBibs Makeup

Along with the different prints and styles, BeBibs also offers a custom option for their product. A perfect gift from a bride to her bridesmaids! Try embroidering your bridesmaids names or the date the wedding so they always have something to remember what a special day it was. A great fabric option for brides are the floral applique or simple cream fashion bib. Not only will these two choices leave you stress free about ruining your wedding dress but will also keep your looking stylish while dining.


Although they are a fairly new business, BeBibs has hit the ground running with their new website and keeping updated with different trends.Looking to learn more about BeBibs and their products?  You can find BeBibs on all social media including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Etsy, as well as their website


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Halloween Weddings

Wedding Day Preparations


Since it’s the month of Halloween, it’s time to discuss the best ways to incorporate the spooky holiday into your future October wedding. There’s always a way to do holidays tastefully, in fact we even wrote about it right here in our Winter 2015 Issue. But since its October, we’re here to talk about all things Halloween.

Whether it be incorporating orange and black into your color scheme, or having guests where costumes instead of classic wedding attire, Halloween weddings provide a new wedding experience. Holiday themed weddings can be tricky. What’s over the top? What’s not? Some of the best ways we found to incorporate this holiday is to…

Play up the deserts! Since Halloween is all about getting the best type of candy, spicing up the desserts can be an easy way to incorporate the holiday. Try adding in some traditional Halloween figured cake pops, or a simple white cake with detailing that looks like a spider web.

Witch Treat White Spider Cake Halloween Cake Pops

Add some activities. Weddings should be fun and giving your guests an activity to do as the night goes on will make the affair even better. Your young guests will love this too. Try playing games like dressing the mummy, where chosen guests have to wrap someone in tissue paper as fast as they can. Or include tiny pumpkins as favors, included with a marker for guests to decorate. Take a picture with your guests and their pumpkins once they are all decorated.

Orange and black color scheme! This may seem scary to some but there are ways to use these two colors together in a tasteful manner. Try using a burnt orange, with an off white and feathered grey/black. This combination adds in a nice fall rustic vibe without screaming HALLOWEEN.


Orange BouquetFall Tablescape


What sounds more delicious than homemade apple cider, a pumpkin martini, or a vampire bloody mary. There are plenty of “fall” drinks you can add hints of Halloween too! Add in food coloring to make drinks appeal spookier, like blue or green food dye for a witches brew!


Pumpkin Martini

Hope you enjoyed these spooktastic- ideas! Happy October!!

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Michele and Brandon’s Beautiful Charity Wedding

Wedding Day Preparations

Their Story

Bride Groom Kissing

Michele Leary and Brandon Jones began as a lot of sweethearts do: as co-workers. “We worked at the same company in different departments for a couple years before we started flirting, which eventually led to our first date on Christmas night in 2009.” says Michele.

While this couple’s beginning was pretty typical, their dating relationship was anything but. Michele has been battling colon cancer since 2007; a cancer so aggressive that she has undergone several rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, as well as many invasive surgeries. She will likely have to endure treatment off and on for the rest of her life. Through it all, Brandon has stayed by Michele’s side. “I am so thankful to have met the love of my life who is always by my side,” she says. “He’s always going above and beyond for me . . . He takes care of me when I’m sick, and takes me out to enjoy life every moment that we can. I am truly blessed.”

The two got engaged on Christmas morning in 2011 over coffee—and cuddles—on the couch. “Brandon started expressing his love for me, told me he wanted to spend his life with me, pulled a ring box out of his pocket, and asked me to marry him,” says Michele. “I was totally surprised and of course I accepted.”


The planning of Michele and Brandon’s big day took about a year and a half, and they wanted to make sure they could get married during New England’s glorious fall season. “We wanted to have an outdoor ceremony, so we decided September would be perfect—still warm enough but not too hot. Also, we wanted to have some of the beautiful New England fall colors in the background.” The two decided on the Leicester Country Club as the perfect spot to enjoy the picturesque Central Massachusetts landscape.

While Michele and Brandon very much enjoyed planning their wedding, they found the costs to be nearly prohibitive, due mainly to the high costs of Michele’s medical care. Generously, Michele’s cousin stepped up to the plate and helped seek out vendors who would be willing to donate their services to this special couple. In the end, Michele and Brandon’s story attracted the attention of BugaBoo Confections, Wakeen Photography, Creative Papers, Ltd., DJ Kevin WhitneySeed To Stem Botanicals, and Jeffrey Robert Salon—all of whom donated their services free of charge.

A theme wasn’t on the agenda for Michele and Brandon, who wanted to focus solely on their feelings for each other on the wedding day. “We didn’t have a theme . . . it was just about the celebration of our love,” says Michele. “The bridesmaids and I did make blue ribbon pins for all the guests. The blue ribbon is the symbol for Colon Cancer. In lieu of favors we made a donation to the American Cancer Society.”


Charity Wedding

“My advice for new Bride and Grooms to be would be to set up an e-mail address for wedding planning only,” says Michele. “That way, once the wedding is over, your e-mail box won’t be flooded with all the e-mail lists you joined while planning the wedding that you will no longer need. I wish I had done that.”


For more details about Michele and Brandon’s beautiful wedding, click here.


The Particulars

Ceremony & Reception: Leicester Country Club, Leicester, MA.

Photographer: Wakeen Photography.

Cake: BugaBoo Confections, West Brookfield, MA.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres: Seed to Stem, Worcester, MA. Centerpieces: A Beautiful Bouquet, Leicester, MA.

Music: DJ Kevin Whitney.

Bridal Gown, Bridesmaid Dresses, Flower Girl Dresses, & Mother of the Bride Dress: Elizabeth Ann’s Bridal Boutique, Auburn, MA.

Bride’s Veil & Jewelry: Elegance by Carbonneau, Worcester, MA

Groom & Groomsmen’s Attire: Bonardi’s.


Photos courtesy of

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Featured Vendor: Frank P. Fechner, M.D.

Wedding Day Preparations

Board Certification


Board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon Frank P. Fechner, M.D. is committed to bringing excellence in facial plastic surgery to Massachusetts, Boston, and the greater Worcester area in particular. He is convinced that due to its unique aesthetic and functional nature, the best treatment outcome in the face requires superb training, continuing academic commitment, experience, and artistic vision.

Surgical Facility 1

With a wide range of non-invasive aesthetic procedures and treatments available, Dr. Fechner can help brides- and grooms-to-be look and feel their very best on their big day without the need for anesthesia or lengthy recovery times. Body-sculpting procedures such as CoolSculpting® and Liposonix® utilize cutting-edge technologies to eliminate excess areas of fat, while skin rejuvenation therapies like Ulthera® and Broad Band Light (BBL™) Treatment tighten skin and eliminate blemishes with just a few treatments.

For more information about Dr. Fechner and the services he offers, visit, or call (508) 754-4000.


Dr. Frank P. Fechner, MD

428 Shrewsbury St.

Worcester, MA 01604

(508) 754-4000


Fechner Logo

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Asking Attendants: How to Find the Right Wedding Party

Wedding Day Preparations

Asking Attendants

In the first stages of wedding planning, couples ask their closest friends and family members to support them on their big day. But deciding who to have as your bridesmaids and groomsmen can feel like a dramatic process. Brides and grooms often have questions about who to choose as attendants without hurting feelings or backing themselves into a corner with obligations.
For couples wondering who and how to ask, here are some tips and guidelines for choosing the right wedding attendants for your big day.

How Many Is Enough?
If you aren’t sure where to start, consider the projected size and style of your wedding first. Large affairs traditionally have bigger bridal parties, while simple and small weddings may have fewer. However, there are definitely no hard and fast rules that you must follow. What is primarily important is that you choose the people who care about you and your marriage, and who you want to share life with.

Who Can I Ask?
When it comes to looking for attendants, couples can choose between high-school BFFs, college roommates, siblings, and even colleagues. Modern weddings have started a growing trend of asking friends of the opposite sex to stand up next to brides and grooms at the altar. Brides can ask their close guy friends or brothers to be men of honor or bride’s men, while grooms can have their sisters or close gal pals as groom’s ladies or even best women.

Who Should I Ask?
As you narrow down your list, it is important to make family a priority. This also means considering siblings in-law. If you are having trouble deciding between your brother and best friend as the best man, it is probably safest to go with your brother. For brides who must choose between a sibling and a friend, pick a maid and a matron of honor or two maids of honor.

Come Fly with Me
Couples planning a destination wedding have new details to think about. Destination weddings have grown in popularity as a way to cut down guest lists and simplify your nuptials by taking them to a beach in Aruba or an Italian villa. But who you ask to fly all the way to the altar depends on your destination.
When asking attendants to travel long distance for your wedding, make sure that you provide them with a graceful way to decline. Of course they will want to come with you, but the expense of travel and time off from work or away from family just might not be possible. For friends and family who can’t make it, be sure to include them in a special way. Perhaps even host a casual reception to celebrate with them when you return.

Thanks for Helping Me Say, “I do”
When it is all said and done, you will hopefully have rounded up a group of the coolest people you know to support you throughout the engagement, the wedding day, and the rest of your marriage. Now it’s time to thank them with equally cool gifts.
Traditionally, these tokens of your appreciation are handed out at the rehearsal dinner. While gifts don’t have to cost an arm and a leg, you should take into account that your attendants have spent time and funds planning bridal showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, purchasing outfits, and perhaps even flying into town for your big day. Personalized gifts can be a great way to show your favorite guys and gals how special they are to both of you.
With these tips in mind, you should have no problem finding the right people to stand up next to you on your wedding day.

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Jessica Socheski is a writer and social media nut who loves all things weddings. You can connect with her on Google+.

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