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Cake Shop Cafe booth

After a successful turnout at our November 6th Twin River show we wanted to take the time to feature one of our newest exhibitors. Cake Shop Cafe, based out of Millbury, Massachusetts was exhibiting with us for the first time and guests couldn’t get enough of their booth! Cake Shop Cafe’s booth was set up in the first aisle of the venue and stirred up quite the crowd with their decadent treats. Cupcakes, cookies, cakes and cake pops lined the tables and rustic chic motifs and chalkboard signs added a nice decorative touch. We sat down with Cake Shop Cafe to see how their first Original Wedding Expo went and check out what they had to say!


“Fantastic!  The process from beginning to end was easy and stress free.  The staff of the Original Wedding Expo were always extremely responsive which was especially comforting being a first time exhibitor”.


The Original Wedding Expo is thrilled with the experience and services Cake Shop Cafe brings to our guests. If you missed them at the expo, here’s a little background about the company and how they can make your wedding day or event a special one!

Cake Shop Cafe Cake balls

Cake Shop Cafe opened in April 2015 in Millbury, Massachusetts. Owner Michelle and her husband decided to open their own bakery after years of running her own cake decorating business from her home. But the team wanted to branch out and create more than decorative cakes. Cake Shop Cafe can create whatever you and your fiance are craving to devour on your wedding day. Michelle and her team make a variety of cakes, cupcakes, pies and assorted desserts. They also specialize in dessert tables which are customizable and offer a variety of bars, brownies, cupcakes, cookies, italian pastries, tarts, pies, etc.

Cake Shop Cafe wedding cake

Not having a wedding? Cake Shop will provide you with delicious desserts for any celebration! Cake Shop Cafe can also accommodate and create dessert options for those with food allergies. They are a full scratch bakery so they are able to take special requests and alter items to meet a customer’s specific dietary needs!
To learn more about Cake Shop Cafe, their team and desserts check them out and like their facebook page at to see what they’re baking next!

Cake Shop Cafe carrot truffle

Cake Shop Cafe cookies

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Featured Vendor, August 2013: Aunty Ellen’s Creative Confections

The Cake

unty Ellen's

Aunty Ellen’s Creative Confections was established in 2003, but sole owner, creator, baker, and cake decorator Ellen Fay has spent more than two decades perfecting her craft. “I’ve personally been doing wedding cakes since 1987, having started out of my home,” says Fay. “When I look back on those days, I’m amazed that I made it happen. I’ve come so far since my first wedding cake, which took over five days to complete; from baking, filling it with fresh strawberries, frosting it, assembling it and decorating it for 500 people.”

Aunty Ellen Pink Cake

Fay started Aunty Ellen’s in 2003 in a 450 square-foot building working alone, doing wedding cakes and all occasion cakes, which over time grew to include cookies, brownies, and more. “I was having a tough time with such a small space, working alone, and keeping up with all my orders,” says Fay. In 2007, Fay moved her business into a 950 square-foot building, where she opened her first retail bakery. “I started with two employees, growing that to four, not including myself. We still specialized in wedding cakes and all occasion cakes, but we also offered cookies, cupcakes, brownies, cannolis, bundt cakes, cheesecakes, whoopie pies, and more.” Business continued to boom, and soon Fay found herself looking for yet another location. “I knew we needed to expand sooner rather than later. We had just outgrown this space and were working on top of each other with NO storage.”

In September of 2012 Fay moved (for the last time) into a 4,000 square-foot building with eight employees. “My new location is AMAZING,” says Fay. “I have plenty of room to grow if needed. When you walk in, the décor makes you feel as though you are in Bermuda. We still offer all the same items, just on a larger scale. We have won over a dozen awards for best bakery and best dessert. I have an amazing staff and I would not be where I am today without them.”

Aunty Ellen's Shop
Aunty Ellen’s Creative Confections
16 Central Street, Leominster, MA
(978) 537-5675

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