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Planning a wedding can be exciting and yet very daunting at the same time, which is why The Original Wedding Expo is here to help you make the planning process run smoothly. Since 1979, we have made it our mission to bring together New England couples with local wedding merchants. As our shows grow and become more spectacular, we have put  together a list of things to expect from The Original Wedding Expo  for the 2016-2017 season!


Our first Expo of the season is November 6, 2016 at Twin River Casino in Lincoln, RI. Doors open at 11am  and close at 3:30pm at all shows. Here’s a complete list of the upcoming season:


Sunday – November 6, 2016

Twin River Casino Events Center


Sunday – November 13, 2016

Sturbridge Host Hotel


NEW SHOW! Sunday – January 8, 2017

Twin River Casino Events Center


Sunday – January 29, 2017

DoubleTree Hotel – Leominster


Sunday – April 9, 2017

Twin River Casino Events Center


What kind of vendors can I expect?


We have everything from reception halls, gown and tux shops, photographers, florists, catering, bakers, entertainment, honeymoon planning, and more. The Original Wedding Expo strives to hit every aspect of the wedding planning process to ensure everyone finds what they’re looking for!


Will there be giveaways?


Of course! Every expo has a fashion show at 2pm which includes the hottest new trends in wedding attire for all four seasons. Promptly after we have our grand prize giveaway! Prizes vary each show but every attendee is automatically registered into the grand prize entry. From free honeymoons, jewelry, discounted tuxedos, limos, and more. Be sure to stop by every booth as well when making your way throughout the show room. A majority of our vendors also do their own giveaways. (Tip: enter as many as you can, and circle back towards the end of the expo, post fashion show, to see if you won!)


What should I bring to the expo?


Nothing is required but you and your guests and a smile on your face because wedding planning is exciting! Over the past few years we’ve seen many couples coming in to our expos on a mission to find a specific vendor. If you’re on a mission, try writing down the must see booths before you enter the show that way you have time to peruse after! We’ve also seen a lot of couples come with stickers that list all of their registration/contact information. This makes it super easy when registering for the expo as well as handing out contact info to any vendor you’re looking to book. These can be made easily online and come in handy when attending our shows that way you can simply peel off a sticker and slap it on a registration card.  


Where can I buy tickets?


A few places actually! If you head on over to www.originalweddingexpo.com you can select which show you would like to attend, press purchase tickets, and fill out the registration card like the one below!

Ticket Form

Tickets are also available for $12 at the door.
As we gear up for our 2016-2017 season we are excited to see what this year’s shows have in store for us and our guests! The Original Wedding Expo aims to please our attendees to the best of our abilities and would love feedback after your attendance. Feel free to contact us with feedback or questions at olivia@chevalierassociates.com . Congratulations to all the new recently engaged couples and happy planning!

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