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Since it’s the month of Halloween, it’s time to discuss the best ways to incorporate the spooky holiday into your future October wedding. There’s always a way to do holidays tastefully, in fact we even wrote about it right here in our Winter 2015 Issue. But since its October, we’re here to talk about all things Halloween.

Whether it be incorporating orange and black into your color scheme, or having guests where costumes instead of classic wedding attire, Halloween weddings provide a new wedding experience. Holiday themed weddings can be tricky. What’s over the top? What’s not? Some of the best ways we found to incorporate this holiday is to…

Play up the deserts! Since Halloween is all about getting the best type of candy, spicing up the desserts can be an easy way to incorporate the holiday. Try adding in some traditional Halloween figured cake pops, or a simple white cake with detailing that looks like a spider web.

Witch Treat White Spider Cake Halloween Cake Pops

Add some activities. Weddings should be fun and giving your guests an activity to do as the night goes on will make the affair even better. Your young guests will love this too. Try playing games like dressing the mummy, where chosen guests have to wrap someone in tissue paper as fast as they can. Or include tiny pumpkins as favors, included with a marker for guests to decorate. Take a picture with your guests and their pumpkins once they are all decorated.

Orange and black color scheme! This may seem scary to some but there are ways to use these two colors together in a tasteful manner. Try using a burnt orange, with an off white and feathered grey/black. This combination adds in a nice fall rustic vibe without screaming HALLOWEEN.


Orange BouquetFall Tablescape


What sounds more delicious than homemade apple cider, a pumpkin martini, or a vampire bloody mary. There are plenty of “fall” drinks you can add hints of Halloween too! Add in food coloring to make drinks appeal spookier, like blue or green food dye for a witches brew!


Pumpkin Martini

Hope you enjoyed these spooktastic- ideas! Happy October!!

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